About Us

Hi, I am Kim Walker, a mother of two daughters and a home-maker. I am an avid reader, crafts enthusiast, and nature lover. I stay in New York.

Gardening has been my passion for years. I learned things in a hard way. Reading books, talking to people who matter, visiting regional offices for specific advice, experimenting, failing, and learning. There is so much to know, understand and do if you are passionate about gardening. It’s a never-ending endeavor.

Right from choosing the right seeds or samplings to nurturing them, taking care of them like children and protecting them from diseases to knowing the soil and pest indications all are most painstaking, time-consuming, and difficult jobs. But the joy of seeing your plants grow and flourish is worth the ordeal.

Gardening is a passion that can be pursued in various forms and ways. All one needs is the love for it. I have seen people living in small rented apartments doing gardening on their window sides. I have always wanted to share my experience of gardening with others and create a platform where others can contribute with theirs as well so that there is a scope for mutual learning.

I also wanted to show people the beauty of this hobby that not only keeps you busy in your leisure time but also makes you productive. My aim was also to encourage people to be interested in gardening.

All these made me write blogs on gardening, talk about different kinds of gardens, home gardens, garden decor, gardening tools, and supplies, organic gardening tips soon.

I hope with this website I will be able to fulfill my mission and help others to find better ways of doing gardening and looking after the greenery that truly needs our attention, especially in a heavily industrialized world with increasing levels of deforestation and pollution level.

This platform is open for others also. People can leave their valuable comments and share their experiences with us so that we also get enriched.


Happy Gardening!


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